Friday, February 24, 2012

Sometimes you just have to skip to the good stuff!

Got my day started today with errands and grocery shopping. The littlest lady was sick so we did the abbreviated version which was just fine with the little man too. I must say though that I still managed to get enough to feed my family of 6 for a week on only $50 at the grocery store, one of my best runs yet!! What did I do before I learned how to coupon? Little tummies fed, nap time prayers said, kitchen cleaned up and then a moment of knitting! I love this time of the day. It always gives me a chance to pray and relax. It seems like time goes by so quickly that it's nice to get the chance to let it slow down once in a while.
So here are the pictures of the progress that I'm making. You'll have to ignore all of the strands of yarn at this point, I still have some weaving in to do. The extra strands don't usually bother me though, I think it's the ICU nurse in me...I'm used to untangling all of the tubes and wires so what's a few strands of yarn?
So these are called monster longies. When I'm done, that will be an adorable little monster face on the bum bum of these little pants. There are certain projects that are just fun from start to finish, and this is one of them for me. I have visions of jack o'lantern bum bums and bunny bum bums, and eye lashes and hair bows and... Anyway, you get the idea, the options are endless! Can't wait to see them in action on the backside of some adorable little person!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So, all of my curious friends, here is how far along I've come on the monster longies.
So far, they are a really easy knit and I think that the worst part is done. Had to do some short rows during the red section, but not bad at all. Any ideas what it is yet?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Like Mother Like Daughter

At the risk of sounding like proud mama, I just had to share a pic of the first project my 9 year old daughter finished on her quest to learn how to knit. She thought that she wanted to do a scarf but I thought a bracelet cuff would be much quicker and more rewarding.

It's so much fun to watch her enjoy something that I love so much!! I see trips to the yarn shop in our future :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Working on my next project

Here are the colors for my latest and greatest project. They're called monster longies and I'm really excited about them! Keep tuned to see the finished project, but I know they're going to make you smile! It starts out with 20 rounds of K2P2 rib.

Friday, February 3, 2012

New Stitch

I've been interested in finding some new stitches to try out and I've searched through all of my sources to look for something that I haven't tried. The possibilities are endless and some are so beautiful. Today, I decided to make a pair of boot cuffs with one of the new stitch patterns
This one is called the mini cable from Lion Brand Yarns.
It's really a mock cable (much faster to knit) but it gives a similar effect. I modified it slightly to be knit in the round. If you give this one a try in the round, CO on less stitch, skip the last stitch in each row, and do the exact opposite on every "ROW 2" (If it says knit, then purl and if it says purl, then knit)
Have fun giving this one a try.

Cooking with the little man

Yesterday was a small pause from the knitting frenzy to make some supper with my little man. He loves to help out in the kitchen (I think the taste testing might be his favorite part...please note the flour on his lips) Today, he helped me with stromboli dough...oh how he loves to knead!!